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Welcome to the best guide regarding casino games you will ever find. This site is dedicated to learn you everything you need to know to be the best casino player possible. The people behind this site has an extensive knowledge within online gambling and has been degenerate gamblers for over 30 years combined. Hope you will enjoy the page and that you manage to win the big bucks.

Casinos and casino games have existed as far back as to biblical times, gambling has and always will be a way for people to try their luck and something to pass their free time on. Online casinos started showing up around 1996 and was at that time something you had to download to your own computer to play. Now as technology has improved it will only take you about 3 minutes from the time that you find a casino that you would want to play on until you can actually start playing for real money. Worth noticing is that most online casinos hand out bonuses that gives you extra value when playing. In some cases, you can also recieve free spins no deposit which means that all you need to do in order to get the free spins is to complete a registration at the casino site.

But the big question is, what should you play at those casinos to maximize your chances of getting out of there with a bunch of extra money in your pocket? Keep reading and we’ll tell you all about it.

Best Casinos

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Slots is the first thing that people think about when hearing about a casino, you’ve all seen the iconic pictures over the big floors at famous casinos in las vegas where you can see thousands of different slots everywhere and people sitting there for hours. A Slot machine is a machine that has 3 or more different reels that can spin, and when you put in money and pull a lever everything starts to spin. On your slot machine there is something that is called winning lines, the lines can go straight from left to right, right to left at an angle from top left to bottom right and so on. These lines are called winning lines and indicates where you can match together 3 or more symbols to generate a win. for example if you get 5 in a row on a 5 reel slot machine you will be heavily rewarded. Different symbols has different values attached to them, to make it simple you can view all different symbols as a deck of cards where if you would get 5 Aces in a row you would get much much more than if you were to get 5 2’s.

Slot machines have progressed from being mechanical to be shown on a tv-screen, these are called Videoslots. When they transitioned over to videoslots instead of just slots it made it possible for developers to make every game much more exciting than it was on just a plain mechanical machine.  Pretty much all new slots that is created for online casinos today can be seen as a videoslot.

So how good are really slots to play online?

slot machineContrary to what people believe, there is no possible way to be better than anybody else at slots, and you can never affect the outcome of the spins, even when using skillstops or you have choices to pick some choice over the other. Whenever you start a spin the outcome is already predetermined by a random number generator, even if you would stop the game prematurely by the skillstop function or if you pick left instead of right, the winnings will still be the same. The only way you can make a difference is on how much money you are betting and which game you choose to play.

A slot machine always has a theoretical better chance of taking your money than you have winning, keeping that in mind there is a quite big difference from game to game on how much their theoretical edge really is. For online slots and videoslots the return to player percentage is in most cases somewhere between 92-98 and those 6% difference can really set you apart from the rest of the players. Since the slots always have an edge on you, the only real  money management tactic that exists is also, bet big and play as few times as possible. This decreases the money to slowly fade away by giving you 98% of what you betted every turn. Here is a list of the 5 slots that currently exists that has the highest RTP of them all:

  • Jackpot 6000 – 98,9%
  • Blood Suckers – 98,0%
  • Kings of Chicago – 97,8%
  • Devils Delight – 97,6%
  • Simsalabin – 97,5%

So the general tactic for playing slots is to pick the one with the highest RTP possible and bet as high as you can on each spin, unless you’re just there for recreational play then just play whatever game you prefer and bet as low as possible.

Online Bingo

Online Bingo is very popular in the United Kingdom, especially among women, it is almost half as big as playing slots online is. Online Bingo is a game of pure luck since the only thing you really do is to buy a number of tiles and then wait for the balls to drop. You can not change the outcome whatsoever in the game. Bingo also has one of the worst return to player percentages of all games possible to play, it is only around 40 – 50%. So my advice would be to stay away from bingo unless you’re just playing recreationally, since it’s a game where you don’t really burn through your money that quickly either.

Very similar to Bingo, scratch cards is something that you also should stay away from, both the ones you buy at your local store and the ones that exists online, the return to player percetange changes heavily from supplier to supplier but it can be as low as 10% in certain cases.

Live casinos and table games

Table games have existed almost from the start of online casinos and has been there for people who want to be more involved while playing and not just pushing a button to hope for a win. When it comes to table games there is a lot more skilled choices you have to make to be able to reach good return to player values on them, compared to slots you can actually change the outcome of a table game by making the right choice, for example picking a higher or lower card in blackjack to increase your chance.

Something that has become more popular during recent years is for online casinos to introduce the concept of Live Casinos where you can play against real dealers. The Live casino is setup with a dealer sitting in a casino-like environment with a real blackjack table in front of them and interacting through a webcam and a chat with the players playing. The games that you can play at a live casino is roulette, baccarat and blackjack, the most popular one being black jack.

While playing blackjack on a live casino, if you’re good enough playing it is the place where you can minimize the edge that the casino have over you. The theoretical RTP if you play blackjack perfectly can land somewhere around as small as 0.5% which is the best chances you can find of you winning a game anywhere on a live casino.

The general rule for playing board games and at live casinos is to study the general tactics and try to play as perfect game as possible, this will give you the highest chances overall at the casino to win.

Sports Betting

Sportsbetting – the ultimate way to break the bank. When it comes to sports betting it is the one way of gambling online that you might have an edge over the broker. The odds that bookmakers set always gives them a small advantage of around 4-10%, but since games you bet on is played by real humans it means that there are no random numbers involved, just pure human semi predictable outcomes that can occur. If you happen to know something that the odds makers does not it might be able to give you a massive advantage over them and you might be able to walk away a rich man. People that constantly beat the odds are called wise guys and is not appreciated by the sportsbooks. It is not uncommon that a player that seems to win too many games in a row will be banned from that sportsbook and has to change to another one to be able to keep playing.